Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I hit it with his axe

In this post, Zak Smith asked us not to judge I hit it with my axe until episode 5 airs.

It just did.

And I liked it. I liked all episodes except for the first one.

I think that the biggest strength of Zak's show the fact, that it's a documentation of D&D is played. While any session report is a (more or less literary) retelling of the game, so in fact - a re-narration of a past narration, the show is a straight up account of how actual game play looks.

And I must admit that, the first time I watched it, I was amazed at how similar his and mine games are. It was very uplifting to see, that even with all his insight and superb writing skills, he still plays the game in the same way.

Finally, I think that the DIY, chaotic way the show is put together only adds to it's appeal and adds to the feeling of observing real game play, instead of watching some prearranged, polished tv theater.


  1. I think I'm weird. Because I see a lot of wild praise for IHIWMA and I remain uncovinced.

    I really think Zak's videos are excruciating...I have tried to watch every one, and haven't made it all the way through one yet. Then again, I suspect I really do not like to watch video of other people playing D&D (even though I enjoy written post game reports and such).

    Zak's intelligence and creativity in his blog posts, IMO, do not show through in his games and I think part of it is the general dis-interest a lot of his players show in the game system and actual game.

  2. squidman, the words, you stole them, right out of my mouth.