Friday, December 18, 2009

Kneel before Skaghe!

So! WE have chosen the name for the barbaric, northern, axe wielding god!

I think the poll experiment worked very well. I'm happy with the name that won and I think it fits the flavor of the setting well!

Here are the results:

Hákon 5 (14%)

JóR 5 (14%)

KilfiR 2 (5%)

Wyr 6 (17%)

Skaghe 13 (37%)

Úlfr 3 (8%)

Vöttr 6 (17%)

Özurr 6 (17%)

Ögmundr 6 (17%)

Thank you all for participation!

Here's your prize from Skaghe!

And here are links to the gods that were already posted on this blog (in order of appearance):

The Mother Goddess

The Hungry One


The Supreme Being

The Robe

art by Thomas Denmark

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