Saturday, November 14, 2009

Come with us now for a jorney through time and space

Elves ate my homework is my take on the idea of a gaming blog. Truth be told, I've never thought that blogs could be of any use to me... That is, until fishlemons told me about Zak S' blog. I read it and got instantly hooked. That blog is well written, contains loads of super ideas and is very enjoyable. It also became a gateway to other gaming blogs, opening me up to a community I've never realized existed. All the great material I've been exposed to has reawakened my interest in playing RPGs, a hobby I thought "I grew out of". Having read Grognardia and other blogs, I've realized that I still want to play D&D, I just don't have the right people to play with. Luckily that has changed too, as fishlemons became interested in playing (mainly thanks to Zak S).

So, now I'm preparing to once again lead a game. As I'm trying to put together a group of people who will be as enthusiastic to the idea of playing D&D as we are, some questions have arisen.

What will the setting be?

What rules/edition to use?

Will I suck?

I want this blog to serve as a platform for sharing and discussing ideas and solving gaming problems. I will also update on my game's progress, once it gets started.

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  1. to the land of the Mighty Boosh...


    our group is small now
    you wont suck!
    make it scary