Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Meet the Party

I'm back in Poland for a few days. Which means it's time to move my D&D campaign a bit. I have little time left to the session, so just take a look at the images I picked with the party to illustrate the concepts behind their characters. FYI we play a hacked version of LOTFP.

Adam is playing Sarif, the Puma Rakshasa (like an elf, but with specialist skills instead of the fighter benefits). What he looks like:

What he wants to look like:

Jack is a nameless Kuo-Ta (I made them in to humanoid frogs working like vulnerable clerics with benefits):

I imagined them being leaner, a bit like this guy:

Julia is playing Ian-Aku, a nomadic female barbarian from the East (aka Fighter):

I imagine here character as something in between, except she fights with an axe (the 'female barbarian' imagery is extremely homogenous, do something about it internet!!!).


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