Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm a what?

A wizard! That's how I feel, since I arrived to Edinburgh for my Msc in Philosophy of Mind.

I haven't been updating, cause I don't have the time to DM so there is not much to blog about.
However, I'd be very keen on playing some ODD!

Do you know about any groups running a game in the city of David Hume?


  1. Check out the friendly folks at ORC:

    Judging by the website there's no ODD stuff going down right now, but they try all sorts, so turn up (in person or on the website) and have a chat to whoever's there and see if anyone's keen.

    (Came here via Zak on G+)

  2. Welcome to the 'burgh!

    Just giving you a shout via some Bay Area friends who passed this link to me. I'm also currently living in Edina undertaking a doctoral program, and I also own Gamescape North in San Rafael, CA. Don't know if you're in the place to be doing some regular gaming, but I'd be happy to meet up and introduce you to a few like-minded locals, if that sounds fun for you.

    I'm thinking very deeply about starting up a Marchmont-based Earthdawn campaign using the Savage Worlds rules, and I'll most definitely be on the lookout for players in the very near future...