Monday, December 28, 2009

Avatar! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!

Because of all the Christmas crap, I didn't feel like writing anything. It seems, like this holiday was tailored specifically to drain all my energy and leave me feeling like a zombie, with a few gifts as a pretend make up for all the horrors...

But anyway... Today I was planning to go see Avatar with fishlemons...

Before I get into any details, I must state: I'm not a fan of James Cameron or the premise that stands behind the making of that movie, but in order to judge the movie I do need to see it. And in this particular case, to see it as it was meant to be seen - in 3D. So, if you love Cameron or movies like Alexander, you should probably stop reading this now.

You can't really blame me for not linking Cameron. After all, he's the man who gave the world Titanic. Even Terminator and Aliens can't redeem him (let's face it, compared to the original, the sequel to Alien is shit).

I decided to see Avatar knowing the plot is probably gonna be addressed to the same average viewer as Attack of the Clones. A movie with a budget of 237 million $ has to make at least twice as much in order to satisfy people who invested in it and that means it can't feature any controversial ideas, or even hint anything that might be thought as offensive, inappropriate or otherwise unsuitable for anyone who's 12 (interestingly enough, it can feature people shooting each other in the faces).

Apart from that, with the economy and all, spending such amounts of money on making an animated movie with actors acting, but being animated in order to look like they do in real life, seems kinda inappropriate. The first Star Wars cost 10 million, and made much more money than Avatar will ever make. Why not try to go that way, and give the rest 227 million dollars to all the people that lost their houses and life savings?

Still, non above really matters since, instead of going to the cinema, I ended up writing this rant! How did that happen? I tell you why!


Really... As I went online to check the screening hours, I found out that a student ticket (here in Poland we have a good custom of giving University students a discount on cinema and public transport tickets) costs twice as much as usual!!! Not only that, but you also need to "rent" the 3d glasses for an additional, "symbolic" fee...

Summing up, the ticket price for Avatar (including the glasses rent) is equal to a new book!

I won't pay that amount of money for a movie that I probably won't even like... That's why I'd like to ask all of you, who perhaps have seen the movie, IS IT REALLY WORTH THE MONEY???

...or should I just get myself sth. good to read?

Btw. I promise my future posts to be of more substance.

the painting is "Saturn devouring his son" by Goya


  1. You sound like you are in a very unhappy place in your life right now, after the holidays. Perhaps with your strong bias against the /potential/ of what you fear the film will be you will not enjoy it, when otherwise you may find it a delightful and truly beautiful/visually stunning film.
    --I can only say that it was much less 'preachy' than I thought it would be, and after having seen it, I was thrilled.

    Your mileage (kilometreage?), of course, may vary.

    All the best to you in 2010, and I hope you feel better very soon. :)

  2. If you ever plan on seeing Avatar, yes, it's worth it. This is the first movie where they get CGI right. Everything looks real. They also got the use of 3D right. It's pretty seamless, and you don't notice it, which in my book makes it perfect.

    You'll be missing out on so much if you don't see it in IMAX 3D.

  3. Thanks for the understanding! It's been probably my worst/most draining Christmas ever, but all I hope everything will come out for better. All best to you too!

  4. I found it overly preachy, poorly written, and painfully predictable. That said, it's very pretty.

    But honestly, I'm not sure it's worth as much as your post seems to imply. Your life certainly won't end if you don't see it, and if you've not enjoyed Mr. Cameron's work in the past, this one isn't likely to change your mind.

    If money's an issue, I'd see the new Sherlock Holmes instead, which is much more fun, and shouldn't require any renting of 3D glasses or similar silliness.

  5. Avatar was worth it to me. My whole family from the 6 yearr old to the ten year old up to my wife and myself loved every minutes of it. I did not find it preachy. $13 for three hours of good entertainment was worth it in this case.

    As to why not make movies for $ can't. Star Wars could not be made on that budget these days. It was made on that budget in the 70s and was a HUGE gamble at the time. There was every posibility that the movie might have crashed and burned. With the scifi community and the world being what what they were in the 70s, I am sure there were plenty of people whore were saying it was preachy for having an opressive government keeping the little guy down or that it was a loose piece of fluff with no higher intellectual merit.

    I will say this, the 3D was definitely done well. The CGI is everything Lucas wished he could have pulled off in the prequels and the movies was a great roller coaster ride of action and fun.


  6. The one time I went to a movie in 3D, I wasn't too impressed. Granted it was G-Force and it would've sucked either way (my 5 year old wanted to see it for his birthday). The 3D glasses were made for adults, so the boys had a hard time wearing them, we went during the afternoon but was charged more than the regular price (movie prices are supposed to be cheaper in the afternoon), and because I wear glasses, the 3D glasses didn't fit me correctly & the 3D looked weird. BIG.WASTE.OF.MONEY. I won't see movies in 3d any more. I just wait until I find a decent rip online and download it ;)

  7. I'm from the future and Avatar SUUUUUUUUCKED

    I still haven't used enough U's there

    People like to claim it "saved cinemas", but actually it just shifted the market even more towards multiplexes